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What they don’t tell you about shampoo

A bottle of regular shampoo is probably the most important product everyone uses on their washdays. Shampooing your hair cleanses it and scalp from accumulated dirt, oils, and product buildup. However, it doesn’t guarantee a good hair day if you don’t know some important facts about that bottle of shampoo and its use.
Less is more
Being frugal with your use of shampoo is the way to go, all you need is a little foam then effectively massage it into your hair and scalp. Using too much shampoo produces lots of lather which prevents you from clarifying your scalp properly.
Proper use of the shampoo
A sham-wash helps cleanse your scalp from oils, dirt and product buildup. However, it is not just about using a shampoo that matters but using it correctly. You need to massage the lather created by the shampoo into your hair and scalp completely; and right after that, ensure you rinse it out completely to prevent product buildup.
Hair doesn’t get used to a particular shampoo
Your regular bottle of shampoo might make your hair feel brittle at times; this doesn’t mean the shampoo just lost its effectiveness. Rather, it is due to the fact that our hair texture changes with the seasons. It could also be a matter of you not getting out all the oils and dirt in your scalp.
Shampoo doesn’t permanently transform your hair
Even if you’re using the most expensive or fancy shampoo out there, the instant you quit your hair is back to its previous state! There’s no breaking up with your sham-wash once you get started, it is a forever thing!

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