What to say after ‘it’s nice to meet you’

Some of us will agree that meeting new people is a chore.
Everyone keeps saying that it is good to get out there and socialize; it is a great way to grow and experience new things. These days, networking is the new mantra but how do you do all that if you get tongue-tied around people, never know what to say, your hands get clammy and your brain seems to freeze?
First of all, stay calm. These pointers are great conversation starters. Try any of them out.
1. How did you get into the field?
Asking what someone does is a dead end. To keep the conversation going, further, ask why they got into the field and how. Ensure it is a field that interests you, though, so you don’t get bored.
2. What do you miss about the pre-internet age?
This is not a question you will hear often but it is fun and really makes one think.
3. What is your favourite vacation spot?
This would be lovely if you notice the person likes to travel (or even if you do). It is a light-hearted kind of conversation.
4. What are your pet peeves?
Everyone has a pet peeve and asking this question allows you get to know the person better.
5. What is your first perception of me?
If you are looking to stir the conversation your way, especially if the person had gone off on a tangent then this is a subtle way to do that.
6. Tell me what your retirement would be like
It gives you a sense of how the person sees life and it is a harmless enough question for anyone to answer. Besides, I bet you will get some funny replies.

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