What you should know before marriage

A man finds a woman, not the other way round. Focus on building
your relationship with God. Then the right man will locate you.
Patience is the one must virtue a woman should have both before
and after wedding. Impatience is a disaster. Its consequence is
Humility is one virtue every woman should have, most especially
single women, if not, you miss your opportunities, destiny helpers
and husband.
Ignorance destroys marriage. Ignorance – not knowing what
marriage is all about and your role to play at every given point.
A lot of people, do not speak good words over their life,
relationship and marriage. They speak garbage and still produce
Either you marry who you trust or you trust who you marry.
In marriage, offence is inevitable but our ability to forgive, resolve
issues and love more are what matters most to God.
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Marriage isn’t a child’s play. It comes with a daily fight to protect
your family and to provide for them at all cost.
You may give up on your relationships but not on your marriage.
This is why it is so important to choose your spouse wisely.
In marriage, you fight for your spouse at all cost. You don’t fight
against him or her. Fighting for means praying for and support him
or her.
If you can’t fight for him or her (pray and support), don’t accept his
proposal or propose her. Marriage is a fight, not a joke.
Evil has his eyes fused on women and marriage. It’s conspiracy
attack launched. If you ain’t in fellowship with God, it’s bad news
for you.
Loving your wife or husband is simple. It means always saying
good things about them and protecting them, not listening to third
party crap.
Want to marry learn that marriage is work and not just sex and
Want to marry learn how to love like Jesus unconditionally, if you
want your marriage to last.
Want to marry be willing to give a whole lot more than what you
asking for.
Even as a counselor, I learnt so much from my mom on how to
treat, talk and love my wife. So I give her a lot of credit. Thank you

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