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What your poop says about your health

This isn’t a topic exactly suitable for an everyday talk. Nevertheless, it can’t be ignored since it could easily indicate underlying health issues concerning your entire body system.
Therefore, before you flush down your stool down the pipes you should look for changes in appearance, color and yes, the smell of your poop!
Now, let’s go into the grossest part which is- the state of our poop and what it says about your health.
Pebbly poop
If your poop comes out pebble-like, it indicates two major things: you’re not consuming enough fiber or your body is dehydrated. A quick fix to get your pebbly poop back to normal is including whole grains and fruits rich in fiber like bananas, in your daily diet. You should also drink at least 8cups of water daily.
Watery stool
You’re either down with an infection, having an allergic reaction to something you ate or you are junking too much on sugar-laden drinks.
Light colored poop
If your bowel movement is always like this, it might be as a result of a blockage in your bile duct or liver disorder. You might want to consult your doctor to be tested.
Strong odor
Even healthy poop emits an unpleasant smell as a result of the sulfuric compounds in our excreta. However, if your poop smell scares you out of your wits, you should reduce your intake of odorous foods like onions, garlic, Brussel sprouts, etc.
Extra-smelly poop also indicates that your body can’t digest fat properly, this is when you need to see your doctor.
Mucous stool
This might be as a result of a gastrointestinal disorder and could also be caused by an inflamed bowel. You never can tell until you get tested!

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