When does Saraki case becomes a PDP affairs – Joseph Odok

Saraki was invited for investigations concerning some
existing armed robbers that mentioned him as their sponsrsor and
some Nigerians are politicizing the issue, some say it is an assault
on democracy because Saraki is the number three citizen. The
constitution does not confer immunity on the Senate president and
in a democracy everyone is equal before the law.
I want a Nigerian where the poor and the rich will be treated alike.
If the Senate President was just intimidated as it is common in
CRS where opposition is intimidated outside normal judicial
process, I would have called it intimidation. No one can be
intimidated using legal means or through a court process. The law
should take it’s course and the matter charged to court. The
arrogance of most politicians will be reduced if they become equal
before the law.
Nigerians must encourage the president in his drive to sanitize the
nation. I am happy Saraki is in APC before PDP shout witchunting
of opposition, I keep wondering when Saraki case became a PDP


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