When ever a dictator is in power, it consequences

Africa still bleeds from the fast fingers of Britain, France and
Belgium. This is made possible by very old dictators, these
dictators either stay in power for decades or remove army
uniforms and then an alchemy happens and they become civilian
Lords of war do not benefit in tranquil times. A lawyer prays that
you be in trouble so that he can eat, a doctor prays you become
sick, the clergy prays for ancestral curses so he can do some
cleansing and the Ezemmuo is assiduously praying to his Chi that
the village be plagued so he can have more tubers in his ban and
many more fowls.
There is no money in peace, chaos is damn profitable.
Nothing happens in Nigeria without the British. After the genocide
of 1967 to 1970, which they partook with all their wits, they were
the ones who advised the Nigeria government to make sure that
Biafra never harnesses her military technologies. The ever foolish
Nigerian leaders who never sees beyond noses, agreed and
implemented it without thinking outside the box. All they needed
was power and control of the entire South.
If Nigeria reconciled with Biafra, and decided to tap into their
technology, she would have been truly a giant of Africa by now and
not by gimmickry.
Technology is the biggest selling commodity in existence. China
whom we were greater than in 1960, are billions of miles ahead in
development and income per capita. China sells science and
technology, they export science and technology. She is not a
consumer nation but a producing nation.
Britain benefits from our chaos, her last wish is for Nigeria to have
a sound system and a sound president. If Nigeria becomes
independent, how can they have the power to siphon millions of
unaccounted barrels by their company, SHELL PETROLEUM? Oh,
you didn’t know that the British steal oil in the Niger delta more
than the ones they account for? Now you know. But your
presidents know this.
They sponsored that Biafran genocide and abolished that accord
because of oil. They killed Ken Saro because he refused shell to
drill in Ogoni land.
Some people always use “our oyel” rhetoric, I laugh in British
English, so you don’t even know that your governors don’t even
have an idea of how many barrels were drilled yesterday? Wetin
concern dem? No be dem dem dey give money to pay salaries?
Have you wondered why you don’t even see their budget plans?
Have you wondered why no one ever makes them accountable?
Think no more, those things are their own share of the Nigeria
From today, correct yourself and always say, “British and Fulani
Elections are nigh, Buhari’s infamy keeps growing more than the
dollar against naira. Buhari is bad for Nigeria but good for the
British. They sure need his frozen brain, they need his senility. On
popular opinion, Buhari should lose but I don’t think that can
transcend to reality.
Theresa May came last week, I saw people scribbling some
signatures from both ends.
Anytime African presidents sign what they call a bilateral
agreement, just know that the future of African kids are signed
away. Anytime they sign, observe closely, you will always notice
that it is always when elections are very close. They sell their
people for power. Buhari is even taking our slavery to China now.
He recently also signed some rail deals with China. It is natural
that the Chinese will want him to remain in power to protect their
investment because a change in government might breach that
Please note, I am not against the Chinese exporting their
technology here, what I am after is how it benefits us and why just
before elections?
The biggest threat in this country is the level of ignorance and
laxity of those who know. This British empire has been on a life
support for decades now but the politicians and their boys make
you feel that all you need is just a good leader from elections.
It is a pity. Most of them have houses and hard currencies stashed
abroad, when they collapse Nigeria indefinitely, they will all
relocate with their families, leaving you here to convert your
miseries to vitamins and glucose.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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