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White wardrobe essentials you need

A lot of women are frightened to wear a white piece of clothing for various reasons, ranging from fear of getting a stain on it, and fear of washing it. All of these are valid fears, but they are the fears that keep you from making amazing fashion statements. Every woman needs to have some white articles of clothing, some of which will be discussed below.
With white, the trick is to be selective about where you want to wear it to, and plan your outing accordingly. If you are wearing a white shirt, you don’t want to be boarding public buses.
1. A white pair of pants: Whether they are palazzo pants or skinny jeans, whatever your style dictates, you need a pair of white pants in your wardrobe. They are trendy and downright gorgeous.
2. White dress: Black dresses are awesome, but, white dresses are just as amazing. They are classy and elegant and give you the aura of light and love that turns heads your way.
3. White bag: White handbags are statement bags. They literally make a statement. It is hard work to maintain a white handbag. So if you are carrying one, you will not go unnoticed in a crowd, neither will you be forgotten so easily.
Slay on, my ladies in white!

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