Who is Adaobi Chukwuka Orji

Adaobi Chukwuka Orji is from IMO state. She has
been married for the past 15 years but she was barren, she has
tried all sort of medications but her womb was not conceiving. She
kept on praying to God and enduring the menace of her in-laws.
But due to the frustration of her in-laws, her husband married
another wife and the second wife got pregnant and gave birth to a
girl the following year. The shame and agony was too much to
bear as her husband’s family descended on her with mockery!
They turned her to a laughing stock, “Woman Who Is Your God?!”
They always say.. She was stripped off her position as the first
wife, she became a mere servant with no authority in her
matrimonial home. Every Night She will cry herself to sleep with
prayers and a broken heart.. All hope seems lost! but Brethren
when Our God finally say IT IS TIME! ADAOBI got pregnant last
year and gave birth to 5 children at the same time! 3 boys and 2
girls! God answered her prayers before it is too late because with
him ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Her in-laws are now celebrating
her! The state government have been taking care of her, her family
and her babies. The governor gave her a house and established
her. God is great!

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