Who is Arthur Ashe?

Arthur Ashe is a legendary American tennis player. He died of
aids, contracted in 1983 at the hospital during a heart surgery!
In a correspondence sent by a supporter, there was this
question: ” why did God choose you for such a bad disease? ”
This is Arthur Ashe’s answer:

When everything was fine, I held the winner’s cup in my hand. I
never asked God, ” why me? ”
So now that I’m wrong, why should I ask God, ” why me? ”
May happiness keep you soft!
Let the éssais keep you strong!
May the suffering keep you human!
May failure keep you humble!
Let success keep you glowing!
But only, be careful.

Sometimes you’re not happy with your life, while many people
in this world dream of living your life.
A child on a farm that sees a plane flying over it, dreams of
flying by plane. But a pilot on the plane sees the same farm
and dreams of going home.

It’s life!
Enjoy yours… if wealth was the secret of happiness, then the
rich should dance in the streets. But only poor children do.
If the power provided security, then the vips would walk without
surveillance. But only those who live simply sleep deeply.
If beauty and fame bring ideal relationships, then celebrities
should have the best marriages.

Just live, be happy! Walk humbly before God and men; accept
with humility the situation God imposes upon you by his
wisdom and truly love, for God our creator is love!
Why me?

A beautiful message not only to read, to pass on to others, but
also to apply practically in our lives.


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