Who is Murtala Mohammed

Murtala Muhammed was born on November 8, 1938 in
Kano. He joined the Nigerian Army in 1958.
Muhammed was trained as an officer cadet at Sandhurst Royal
Military Academy in England. After his training, he was
commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1961 and assigned to
the Nigerian Army Signals that same year.
In 1961, Muhammed was appointed aide-de-camp (ADC) to M.
A. Majekodunmi, the federally-appointed administrator of the
Western Region.
In 1963, he became the officer-in-charge of the First Brigade
Signal Troop in Kaduna, Nigeria. That year he traveled to the
Royal Corps of Signals at Catterick Garrison , England for a
course on advanced telecommunications techniques.
On his return to Nigeria in 1964, he was promoted to major and
appointed officer-commanding, 1st Signal Squadron in Apapa,
In November 1965, he was made acting Chief of Signals of the
In January 1966, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and
was the inspector of signals in Lagos.
At the start of the Nigerian Civil War, he led the newly established
2nd Infantry Division for which he was made the first General
Officer Commanding in August 1967.
Col. Murtala Muhammed,
whose face now DIS-GRACES the Nigerian 20-Naira bill, ensured
that over 1000 innocent Igbo males in Asaba were sent to shallow
mass-graves in a cold-blooded massacre which some Asaba
people of present day still recounts in tears. The women were not
left out in this untold dark episode of Nigeria’s hellish history.
It happened that in an attempt to recapture Benin, and to drive the
Biafran army out of the city and into Asaba which lies on the west
bank of River Niger, the Nigerian troops chased the Biafran army
into Onitsha. But the Biafran troops blew up a part of the bridge to
stop that chase of Nigerian troops who wanted to enter Onitsha
too. It was at this point that Asaba and her people met their doom
in the hands of Murtala Muhammed the fiendish Igbo pogromist.
With utter rage over their inability to enter Onitsha, the Nigerian
second division led by Col. Muhammed Murtala descended on
Asaba. They began to ransack houses, rape women, including the
pregnant ones, and kill innocent men & boys by claiming they were
Biafra sympathizers.
Two days later, and sensing the horrendous situation could worsen
in the hands of Murtala Muhammed & his co-pogromists, the
people of Asaba organized a dance to show their support for “ONE
NIGERIA”. Men, women, boys & girls all danced in their white
attire. They repeatedly sang “One Nigeria” tunes and danced to
“appease” the Nigerian troops. Unfortunately, the Murtala-led
troops turned the solidarity dance of innocent & vulnerable Asaba
people into a bloody one by separating men from women, and
mercilessly killed over 1000 men & boys, including children under
the age of 10!
Asaba stank with blood and decayed dead bodies. Women were
raped, and some forcibly married to killers of their fathers,
husbands & brothers. The women who tried to resist the Nigerian
troops were shot dead.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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