Why Agbekoya, Soldiers Clashed In Ibadan– Leader

Why Agbekoya, Soldiers Clashed In Ibadan– Leader

One of the leaders of the Agbekoya group in Ibadan, Waheed Baba Ijebu, has narrated what led to the clash between some members of the group and soldiers at the Oyo State Secretariat on Thursday.

Eight members of the group were arrested by soldiers following the clash.

Baba Ijebu, who is the leader of Agbekoya at Ajibode area of Ibadan, told THE WHISTER on Friday that the clash was caused by the soldiers who tried to prevent us from entering the Secretariat to attend a meeting going on at the House of Chiefs.

Narating what led to the clash, the Agbekoya leader said, the overall leader of the group, known as Baba Akekaka, was going to the House of Chiefs inside the Oyo State Secretariat on Thursday to attend. a meeting of Yoruba groups when he was stopped by some soldiers at the gate.

He said Akekaka’s followers were hailing him as he was going inside and the soldiers prevented them but one of the followers insisted that they would go in for the meeting.

He said this infuriated one of the soldiers and he slapped the man. The Agbekoya member, he said, also slapped the soldier back and this led to a crisis.

Baba Ijebu said, “All our members arrested after the clash have been released. The lawyer released eight of them and nobody died in the incident.”

He said a bullet hit a motorcycle and the impact pushed down the rider but stated that the rider was unhurt.

He said further, “Baba Akekaka, being an old man was just looking at them when the soldiers stopped him. But a soldier slapped one of the boys who insisted that they would enter because they were invited for the meeting.

“The boy also slapped him back because he felt he should not be treated that way and also he didn’t fight with him so why should he slap him.

“The soldiers felt embarrassed that a civilian slapped him and he brought out his gun and shot the boy about five times but nothing happened to the boy.’

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Why Agbekoya, Soldiers Clashed In Ibadan– Leader

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