Why Atiku is not different from Buhari, they both have nothing to offer—Progress Ogbokuma

Nigeria is not complex to govern just the same way it is not
complex to steal from. What I think is complex is trying to
understand the mindset of the people to govern, especially how
confused they seem most times.
If that’s not the case, why would anyone, especially in academia
argue how Atiku is different from Buhari? How he would fight
Corruption better?. How he has the interest of the people at heart?
In fact, our ‘intellectuals’ are arguing that his University where
students pay 1.6 million naira is a ‘people-University’.
You claim Buhari (75) is too old for a Country of mostly young
people. But Atiku to you is “young” at 73. The difference between
the ages of the two I think is the volume of the fluid in your brain.
The same pattern of story that was said of Buhari- his driver being
Igbo- in 2014 has started making rounds on the Internet about
Atiku. It was as if Buhari’s Igbo driver ran away after the elections.
You have started telling us how Atiku married from all tribes and
for that reason he is not nepotistic like Buhari.
It is only in Nigeria one’s libidinal ‘tourism’ to taste all pussies
proves Nationalism. He should have married from the 36 states.
I came to this conclusion a long time ago and now is yet another
opportunity to affirm it that Nigeria is not yet an enlightened
Country. We only have people with certificates, forged and
unforged roaming around.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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