Why Do Boys Like Bad Girls?


We bring to you a very very controversial topic- reasons why guys are attracted to the BAD GIRLS. Go on, let’s step into the wicked world of a bad girl.

1. She loves herself and her life

Unlike other cry babies who always manage to find something around them to whine about, a bad girl always manages to make the most out of whatever she has. She loves herself, period! She is never an insecure girl who needs someone to remind her that she’s a boon on earth. She already believes that. Which guy wouldn’t want to be around this high-spirited girl?

2. She does the unexpected

Predictable is boring, always was and will always be. And this is what first attracts a guy towards her. A bad girl hates planning. In fact, she just follows her heart. While the rest of the world expects her to go through a particular route, a bad girl takes the route just opposite to that. This makes her even more interesting.

3. She is more fun

Talk about adventure, and you’ll be giving the definition of a bad girl’s life. There certainly isn’t anything more interesting than a bad girl’s life. If a book were to be written on it, we’re sure it would become one of the best sellers. There is always something happening in her life. Naturally, being with a bad girl is so much fun for any guy out there.

4. She is so sexy

There cannot be anything that is sexier than a bad girl. With wickedness running through her blood, a bad girl can use her charm to woo any guy she wants. To her extreme good luck and to the extreme bad luck of her enemies, she doesn’t even need to woo a guy. Guys just automatically seem to get gravitated towards her.

5.She is smart

Talking about bimbos, a bad girl is not one of them. No doubt she is beautiful and sexy, but she also has the brains. Guys love smart girls, don’t they? So why would they not like a bad girl? When they are talking to a bad girl, they can be sure of having a smart conversation. Plus she’s also a girl who will understand their jokes, crack them up with her witty ones too. What else would they want?


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