Why envy is a waste of time

It is okay to feel insecure; it is human, even. Insecurity is not the problem and yes, it is perfectly natural to feel a little bit disappointed in ourselves when we feel like we are not moving as fast as we expect.
But feeling envious about other people’s success and wishing good things don’t happen to them is the real problem. You have to understand that we all move in our own pace and we all have different timelines for success.
There is no deadline for success; you can fall in love at seventy, you can become successful at eighty, you can have a child at thirty-five, you can become famous at sixty, you can get married and start a family in your forties.
Happiness has no deadline and yes, it is human to beat up ourselves when we don’t attain our goals as we expect but that doesn’t mean we should spend our time envying others that did that before us.
Envy is a waste of time because the time you will spend envying someone can be put to better use like building yourself up.
Envy takes the joy away from everyday blessings. It is not worth it.

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