Why i insisted on the disintegration of Nigeria-Makanjuola Adigun Muhammed

I have no regrets in insisting on the disintegration of one Nigeria. I am not helpless and hopeless because I am very educated as Pa
Awolowo wanted many of us to be and liberate our land and

I am an unrepentant Oduduwa Republic nationalist and
that is what is most paramount in my life even though as some of
us being educated are left to be undermined by the semi literates
and non-educated ones among us to be used by our political pro
one Nigeria elites to mortgage our future and that of our people to
the British caretakers identified as the Fulani Core North.

Interestingly, the Yoruba nation has lost it conscience, moral
values and the spirit of intelligent independent mindedness. We
have become renegades and foot instruments for our people

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?

We as a people has lost our courageous and consistent stand issues that affects our common patrimony as a people. Where is opc, Afenifere, Yoruba Liberation Command, Movement For Oduduwa Republic and the others? Where are these groups mentioned above? They have abandoned the purpose of their voice for Yoruba freedom and gunning for the crumbles and carrots of the Fulani guardians of the criminal one Nigeria gate, when other real indigenous nations across the world are wanting to be sovereign nations and take their destined into their hands.

You guys knew that nothing good will ever come out from the 2019
elections yet you are deceiving your people to go and votes and
what happened to the people after the conduct of voting in Nigeria
since 1953 till date yet your own people are still in bondage and
extreme poverty.

The hands of God is now upon Nigeria and your desperate wishes to see the ipob leader killed so that you can continue to use your people via voting in fruitless pan one Nigeria elections will make you get richer has now incurred the wrath of the Jewish nuclear backed State of Israel. I pity many of you on your pretending stand on Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu who is now designated as IPP.

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