Why Igbo leaders are against the choice of Peter Obi as Atiku running mate and the chances of Igbo presidency—Anayo Nwosu

An Nnewi businessman once described an original motor spare
parts as those ones that upon sales, give him maximum profit. The
shrewd businessman asked, “what do I gain from stocking genuine
spare parts that would neither be sold off faster nor return
reasonable profit?”

Being that most politicians from Igbo origin see politics as
business and not service to their constituencies, one would
understand why majority of them have been annoyed by the
decision of Atiku Abubakar of PDP to choose Peter Obi as his
running mate. The annoyance is even more because of the
prospects that Atiku might defeat Buhari in the coming presidential

Atiku’s choice of Peter Obi has created more than the following

1. The loss of the opportunity to manage the Southeast Presidential
Elections Campaign Fund. With Peter Obi on the ticket, many of the
Igbo politicians would not be allowed to control the money flow for
electioneering campaigns and election winning activities. They
know Peter Obi as aka gum or a tight-fisted man.

2. The choice Peter Obi has technically retired many Igbo
politicians with presidential ambitions. It is most likely that Atiku
would hand over the presidency after one or two terms to his Vice
hence putting paid to the ambitions of many Southeast politicians
with presidential ambitions.

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It will take a minimum four decades for an Igbo man to be
president after Obi’s 8-years tenor. By the time it would be the turn
of Igbo president after Obi, the current generation of politicians
would have all died with their presidential dreams. Each of those Igbo politicians protesting against the manner Atiku picked his Vice has a presidential ambition. They can’t even hide it. Each of them had wished that Atiku picked either him or someone from the Southwest.

If Atiku had picked someone else from Southwest as a VP instead
of an Igbo, the aggrieved Southeast politicians believe that all Igbo
aspirants would then be on a level playing field whenever Atiku
finishes his tenor.

Many Igbos just as national and international pundits expect Atiku
to win the presidency in 2019 and the fact that Peter Obi could
succeed him is not a good news for his brothers with presidential
aspirations and career election contractors plus money sharers.
Do not mind all those groups with strange names demonstrating
everywhere and demonizing Peter Obi, demanding that Atiku drops
him. They are being sponsored by aggrieved and ambitious Igbo
politicians who believe that Peter Obi, a new comer in PDP, has
snatched sleep away from their eyes.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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