Why IPOB should step up their quest-FWP

What then would be of utmost importance to the leadership of the
Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, the array of Biafra
media teams, IPOB field evangelists and battalions of other
freedom-hungry Biafrans, centres not on who emerges as the
presidential flagbearers of the political parties standing in for the
Nigerian general elections of 2019, but the resources required to
harness the accomplishment of the goal of convincing Biafrans to
clinically boycott the 2019 general elections within the entire
Biafraland, particularly. That decision remains irrevocable even if
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu himself or Mazi Uche Mefor, his deputy
surfaces with converse messages as flagbearers or running mates
on the platform of any of these political parties in Nigeria. The
IPOB leadership should resiliently resist such a nomenclature and
concentrate undeterred on employing the total usage of all
available human, capital and intellectual resources at her disposal
to ensure that Biafrans fully comprehend the import of successful
and damning boycott of the Nigerian organised 2019 general
This will definitely create unprecedented political hostilities that will
culminate into a global demand for Biafra referendum. Political
predators are well aware of this fact and that informs the reason
why they are presently expending huge amounts of ill-gotten
money and creating structures to hoodwink gullible Biafrans into
participating in the elections with their votes, thereby giving the
impression to the world that elections also took place in
Biafraland. As these political merchants therefore indulge in
desperate campaigns for successful 2019 elections, all IPOB
departments ranging from the Highest Command, Directorate of
State, Field Coordinators/Campaigners and vibrant Media Outlets
suggestively and of necessity, should “up the game” and engage in
sleepless activities of cohesion as the campaign for the total
boycott of the upcoming 2019 Nigerian organised general
elections. This most assuredly will provoke Biafra referendum. The
Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, may not have crude
oil money to splash on people in the rural/urban communities as
the politicians do, but we have inexhaustible reservoir of
unflinching loyalty and support of the people of Biafra cum
volunteer human resources to get all the necessary assignments
regarding the election boycott, exceptionally accomplished.

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