Why ladies cheat on men

According to The Huffington post, the reasons why women give in to infidelity are often quite different as those reported by men. A woman’s need to cheat often runs parallel to her psychological and emotional needs as opposed to the male’s craving for emotional and physical satisfaction. In many ways, female infidelity has become rampant in our society today. Women cheat for various individual reasons. However, there are those considered to be most common and they include:

She feels neglected by her partner

Every human being thrives in an environment where they feel appreciated.  Sometimes in relationships, women go through a phase where they feel unappreciated and uncared for by their spouses. When they start to feel like nothing more than a house help or provider, it can often leave them feeling frustrated. This can easily lead to seek appreciation from elsewhere eventually leading to infidelity


As human beings, we often let our emotions get the better of us in a less than appealing way. In the event that a woman learns that her man has had an affair, she may want to do the same. The idea that ‘If he can do it, so can I’. It is fueled by the irrational idea that you need to cause this man more pain that he has caused you. The tit for tat mentality which often never ends well.

Craving for intimacy

Often in relationships, the woman craves for deep connections to their partners through ways other than sex. They enjoy cuddling, intense kissing and gifting. They consider these acts as meaningful modes of communication meant to grow the bond between their partners and themselves. Women who may feel denied of these needs by their partners often find themselves drifting towards people who are willing to satisfy them.

She gets bored

Relationships are often plagued by hoops that lovebird have to navigate together in the hopes of solidifying their relationship. One of these hoops could be career responsibilities. The man may need to travel often for work related activities. This can put strain on the relationship if there is no attempt to spend time together. The lonely woman at home may slowly edge towards other men whose company she may enjoy as she awaits her lover’s return home.

Misunderstandings and Arguments

Misunderstandings are naturally likely to crop up in any relationship. If a couple fails to work out their differences over a long period of time, they may lose the connection they initially had. This may causes the woman to lash out and seek understanding elsewhere.

It is impossible to have a relationship void of issues or problems. However it is up to each couple to work on their relationship so they may avoid chances of cheating on each other. Communication is key in creating a healthy atmosphere for any relationship. This way any issues that may causes cheating may be addressed before it is too late.

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