Why men should succumb to women

At one time, a newly married young man was shouting at his 20
years old wife and his father called him inside and said to him, ‘We
only shout at people our threats could give fear but not the same
to a woman especially the one you called your wife. The way you
are shouting, you are giving away your power and she is the one
you are giving it to. Your threats make her stronger’. Most men
believe that when a woman is being threatened, she is subdued.
Thats a lie.
Let us not be blind and still feel we have our eyes wide open. Why
is it that the moment a man starts sleeping even with a 15 year
old girl, she stops fearing him. If she was used to running to hide
before when she sees him, that stops? I will tell you something
about women we have never believed.
Eve first talked with serpent, the enemy of God. She never feared
to meet with him. She was the one who brought Adam closer to the
serpent. Adam must have heard things about serpent from God
and he kept his distance. But the woman never did the same.
Women are not changed with fear. A woman may likely stay quiet
when a man is threatening and shouting but she is not sitting
down inside her. She is evaluating the man’s weakness and how
to subdue him rather. Throw your mind back to those days you
knew the men that were beating their wives and now, the men are
getting older, who is suffering it today? All those women their
husband were beating years back are the ones enjoying the
marriage with their children and their men are at the receiving end.
Let it become clear to men that the way into a woman’s heart is
not to try to subdue her. God spoke to men and said, ‘Husbands,
love your wife’. Do you need explaination about that? Love makes
women weak. When you truly love a woman and prove it, she
submits to you without you saying a word. But when a woman has
sensed that she is just like your toy, the spirit of rebellion takes
over her. She might not physically stand on your way but she is
plotting coup against you and one day, you sit and watch her and
her children force you to follow their rules or die quicker.
Almost all the great and fierce kings you know died before their
wives. They lived all through their life threatening their fellow men
and wives. They were able to kill most of their strong fellow men
but all the women they threatened stayed alive. Women know how
to survive against men.
The lion in men does not live up to doing to women the things it
does to their fellow men. Women naturally know how to survive
pains. They can walk to the fearful serpent and make their
2nd kings 8:1-6, the Shunemite woman left her country because of
famine with her family and returned seven years later. She found
out that her family valuables have been taken over by others. Her
husband never stood up. The woman went straight to the king to
ask for her things back. Where was her husband? There are things
women fear but not the lion inside men. They can submit and
respect their men so foolishly that you imagine that there is no gut
inside them. They have guts men don’t have.
We don’t have compatible relationship with women by showing the
lion inside us. God knew women before us and begged that we
show love than threats. He knew it won’t be a formular. The
formular is, conquer your woman with love. When a woman is
loved, you break all her guts and she stays in your hands. A
woman can do anything to stay with a man who is honestly in love
with Her.
Talk gently towards your Woman, Don’t shout. Do not arrogantly
display your weakness but your strength: love.

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