Why people change when they assume position of power

People often ask or wonder what happens to people when they are
assume the positions of power.Why do people change when they
assume positions of authority.You suddenly see that the man or
woman you know as friend,Neighbor,brother or sister turns to
someone else.Does power has a certain magic,charm or ‘jazz’ that
metamorphosed people from what you used to know them to
something of a stranger?.
Why does the person you used to call and chat with no more pick
your calls or seldom do?,why does the person you used to know
now talks and acts differently,sometimes with arrogance and
sometimes with a behavioral pattern that suggests you need
favour from him? Why does the person you used to know and
relate with freely now seems abit or fully withdrawn.
A lot of things has happened to the person you used to know.He is
thesame person physically but not thesame person
psychologically,emotionally and characteristically.Many things
happened to him with new responsibilities and burdens and
opportunities that alter or deformed his normalcy.Power is a force
that pushes,pulls,tempts and derails.Its left for the spirit of the
person in power to maintain his balance between his old self and
new self or risk being drawn and intoxicated.Its evident that only a
small percentage of people remain unchanged by power or
The person you used to know is now ‘abnormal’.He is now a prime
target and a major subject.He battles with bigger responsibilities
and challenges.He battles with known and unknown foes.His heart
and his brains are stretched and stressed beyond the normal.He
has millions to attend to and to respond to.He can’t be the usual
person you know.
There are other negative factors that changes the known ethics
and behavioral orientation of people when they assume positions
of authority or power.

(A)A good number of them becomes obsessed and carried away by the new found fame,riches and prominence associated with power

(B)A good number of them forget that power is a phase in life and its temporary.

(C)A good
number of them don’t take lessons from the life of their predecessors after power.

(D)A good number of them think they are different and theirs will be different.

(E)A good number of them have bad counsels or no counsels but hangers on.

(F)A good number of them see power as ‘their time’ to enrich themselves,settle scores,dominate others and perpetuate themselves.
Undoubtably power leads many to blindness and deafness and a
feeling of ‘supernatural superiority’.

Many people in power especially in underdeveloped countries keep
company of religious clerics,soothsayers,prophets and
marabouts.This specie of human beings give their clients in power
a false sense of confidence and comfort even when on the wrong
path.They point at and define who their enemies are and what ‘lies
ahead’.People in power in the grip of these mystic men most often
misled and cut off from the realities of life.
Power is a lonely peak where there are more favour seekers and
praise singers than real friends.A good friend who dare to tell the
truth to persons in power may not have a second opportunity or
listening ear.People around persons in power play great roles in
building their principals or running them permanently.They are
supposed to be assistants,aides and advisers but in most cases
they become barriers.Persons in power need to go beyond the
barriers and the fences around them to know the truth and to reach
out to those who truly love them and can offer useful and practical
support for them to succeed.
On the last note,it’s left for people opportune to hold positions of
power or authority to choose where they want to end up after
power.After the music stop playing and the paraphernalia is gone
and the friends of the throne have shifted base and loyalty to
another person,persons once out of power will now have to return
to the families and friends that could not be properly attended to
because of the schedule of power.
People who were just,fair and caring to others when they were in
power will always enjoy the goodwill of their people and harvest
the seeds of respect, love and brotherhood they nurture.

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