Why the president no longer grant live interview

We used to have a tradition where the president of Nigeria grants
interview on live television from time to time, with journalists from
different media houses, telling the nation what is going on here
and there and clarifying issues that are not clear. Since taking over
President Muhammadu Buhari has deliberately avoided the media.
The few times we have seen him on television talking has been
when he travels out of Nigeria and these few times what he ended
up doing was to embarrass himself and the nation. One time he
said his wife belongs to the Oza Room, another time he referred to
the German Chancellor as President of West Germany, then he said
Nigerian youths are lazy and don’t want to work because they
think the country has oil. In fact, the beginning of this
embarrassment was when he told journalists in the US that he
would only give attention to the people who voted him when he
was asked another question entirely. Somehow the people around
him know his weakness and have shielded him from the Nigerian
media, Nigerians and from scrutiny.
Even now that it is campaign year and everything is about the
election, President Buhari is not talking. He has put Festus
Keyamo in front to be blabbing. Tomorrow he would tell you he
didn’t promise anything but the APC did, he would ask if you heard
it from his own mouth. After winning the election in 2015 and he
couldn’t change anything, the president reneged on his promises,
asking if we heard it from his own mouth. President Buhari and his
people have tactically done away with the tradition of the president
addressing Nigerians, obviously to shield an incompetent president
and who obviously don’t know much about what is even going on.
They did that in the United States during President Buhari’s visit to
see Donald Trump, planted two journalists in the White House who
asked questions handed over to them by the Nigerian embassy.

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