Why there is no hope and future for us as graduates in Nigeria

I was kind of surprised when my elder brother told me he was
going for the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) screening exercise
a few days back. Not that I didn’t think the Job was good enough, but because I couldn’t trace the relationship between his personality and the job description. Not like any of that matters in a country like Nigeria this days. Long story short, he went for the screening exercise and when he came back home, he shared something startling with me that is the basis of this post. He told me the organization had only 4,000 job openings, but guess how many people applied for the positions?. You wouldn’t even come close to the figure even if you tried. 364,000 people applied to take up 4,000 job openings. Just in case you are still trying to process that, let me write the
figures in words for you. Three hundred and sixty four thousand
people applied to take up only four thousand job openings. That’s 91 people competing for every 1 job opening. I recently
read online that one of the applicants died in Kogi State. If you’re a youth and this doesn’t scare you, or challenge you to do
and become more, then I doubt you’d be able to survive the times
we’re in. You can afford to be average and not take personal development seriously in a country that graduates about 2.4 million graduates annually, and only 1 in every 10 gets a job within the first 4 years of their graduation. Extraordinary this days is fast becoming the new ordinary. Masters degree holders are now scrounging for security jobs. I’m writing this post to challenge you, especially if you’re a young person between the age of 15 and 35 years. The tides are changing, refuse to flow with it. It was Anthony Robins who said, “Traditional educational earns you a living, personal education earns you a life.” This days, traditional educational seems not to be paying off at all. I’m not saying you should quit school, but you must be intentional about personal education. See yourself as an asset, and begin to invest in yourself. This is the only way you can survive the times were in. Become valuable, or become obsolete and be flushed away by change.


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