Why Uche Mefor of IPOB is clueless in his thinking-Russell Idatoru Sunju Bluejack

Ordinarily, someone like that fat cow that sits like a pregnant
woman at the RBL studio to prattle wouldn’t catch my attention.
However, having seen the hogwash he posted that was directed at
Ambazonia, I feel pushed to respond. Mefor, a supposed “freedom
fighter”, should tell us why he lampooned Ambazonia. How could
this fat, pot-bellied lousy creature compare Ambazonia with his
conduit pipe called IPOB? How?
In what ways are his IPOB making meaningful progress, seeing
that all they have ever succeeded in doing are 1) sit at home, 2)
stage protest, and 3) foolishly boycott elections? Mefor has the
impetus to say that Ambazonians were in a hurry, the reason why
they are being killed. Is he okay upstairs? Did IPOB not foolishly
declare the BSS thereby warranting the unnecessary loss of
several lives in Abia State? Haven’t IPOB lost scores of lives since
their radio broadcast and protests started? Is it because he (Mefor)
has been too cowardly to join any protest? It takes a beastly fetish
person to treat the lives we have lost in this struggle with such
But let me even ask Mefor. How exactly can one compare
Ambazonia that is at war with Cameroon with IPOB that is just a
power-hungry faction of the struggle for the sovereignty of our
region? Has Mefor ever left London for Biafraland to join those he
is always commanding on radio? Perhaps Mefor is worried that the
SOJ, who are always exposing the weakness of IPOB in analogy to
the superior method of Ambazonia, would make him and his team
of fraudulent DOS lose the financial contribution that comes from
the ones they have enslaved, using Ibini Ukpabi shrine in
Arochukwu. How can Mefor claim to be a freedom fighter and
bring himself to condemn others doing same in a better way in
Cameroon? Can we see how fake these nitwits are? These and
numerous others were the piffle I saw that made me dump them in
the bin. Nonsense!
I know we have to leave the demonic enclave called Nigeria, but
those who send the gullible ones to shrines and make them swear
away their destinies are even worse than Nigeria. Mefor should
stop fighting for relevance. I can see that SOJ are seriously doing
irreparable damage to this dolt that poses as a freedom fighter. I
have not forgotten my encounter with this lousy fellow. He was
quick to inform me that the task I wanted to carry out in support of
the struggle would make me a member of his brainless DOS.
Nonsense! That was the day I knew that the dude is a clueless
harbinger for power.
Mefor and his fellow satanists posing as freedom fighters should
be reminded that Ambazonia has successfully had her referendum.
IPOB, because it is being steered by a group of inarticulate cum
barren self-made “leaders”, is yet to outgrow the barbaric vicious
cycle of sit at home, election boycott, and masquerade-like street
protests. Ambazonians have come this far because they are in
cahoots with their political and traditional stakeholders. Mefor
should shut up and learn. I hate it when failures begin to sound like
broken records. Truth is, IPOB, having failed to win the
stakeholders over, have failed to make inroads in the struggle.
Stagnancy has set in because they chose their so-called leaders on
the basis of loyalty to their small god, rather than on the basis of
exposure and education. An association of dummies is what I call
those who claim they are IPOB leaders.
Recently, IPOB made one Abian its new National Coordinator and
vested in him power to make “laws”. I read the release to that
effect and asked myself who these scoundrels truly are. So, an
ordinary national coordinator of a noisy group can make laws?
What do these guys smoke? Is it the shrine that is the cause of this
inanity? Mefor should stop telling us that Ambazonians are losing
the war. Biafrans are not winning the war either, and a major
cause of our failure is the rascality that has become second nature
to Mefor-controlled IPOB. At least, Ambazonians have been able to
penetrate World congresses. What IPOB has succeeded in doing is
to walk round the UN premises and come back to tell us lies. The
union between Kanu’s IPOB and unfounded claims is unbreakable.
Perhaps Mefor believes that his small radio station and
concatenated lies will give us freedom. We are waiting with arms
Ambazonians have done very well. At least, their leader has not
gone into hiding. Can Mefor visit Nigeria? A lot of us do our work in
support of the struggle here in Nigeria. I did my live videos here in
Nigeria for many months. I got invited by the law enforcement
agencies several times. What has that fat cow done to prove that
he is a man? He should come here and command his people. Is
London his country? Is he on exile? People assume the position of
leader just because they are opportuned to man an internet radio
station in a convivial society. Why won’t Mefor be jealous of
Ambazonia when all the IPOB under Kanu has to offer is to chase
Ohanaeze around like a sex-starved he-goat? Fake things preying
on the gullibility of their dazed followers. The speck will fall off the
eyes of their blinded followers very soon. True freedom starts with
the blind followers IPOB has entrapped. They use these conquered
souls to treat our stakeholders with disdain and think they will not
become elders tomorrow. We are watching.


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