Why US president was right to call Buhari lifeless

Since 1983, I have been struggling to find a word that perfectly
describes Muhammadu Buhari. Thankfully, US President Trump
has helped me out. “LIFELESS!”
Yes, Muhammadu Buhari has been lifeless since 1983.
Only a lifeless person could be made the Head of State in a coup
he didn’t participate. That coup overthrew a deeply corrupt civilian
government. Buhari not only restructured our brains but also
reordered the notorious ways we do things prior to 1983 with the
mantra, “War Against indiscipline.” It takes a lifeless person to
achieve that!
Only a lifeless person could gather all the politicians that
embezzled our commonwealth and destroyed our economy and
send them to jail. He did it without forgiveness, without remorse.
That is lifeless!
Only a lifeless President could lose elections on three occasions
and not be discouraged. The fourth time he was so lifeless that he
defeated an incumbent President. The defeat was so glaring that
the incumbent accepted defeat before formal announcement!
President Buhari gave his word that he wouldn’t interfere in
becomes the Senate President and how the Senate is run. And he
did! Only a lifeless President would do that. An animated OBJ
couldn’t resist interfering and lording over the Senate and House of
Only a lifeless president would the young and old abuse and call
unprintable names yet he is unmoved. He got so little votes, a
secessionist group and abuses upon abuses from a region but
answered them with 69 roads and bridges projects within 3 years.
That is lifeless!
Only a lifeless person would allow his deputy to shine. The vibrant
OBJ never did! The spirited Goodluck Jonathan never did! Only
Buhari is known for giving his deputy the enabling environment to
shine, shine and shine. Idiagbon shine unto his death. Osinbajo is
shinning everywhere he goes. What a lifeless leader!
It takes a Lifeless President not to give a kobo to have 3 Budgets
passed. Even when members of the National Assembly deliberately
sat on them for months hope there would be ‘Ghana-Must-Go’
bags, President Buhari stood on his ground. Your spirited Goodluck
Jonathan gave lawmakers N17bn to pass 2015 budget! This
Buhari is stingingly lifeless!
Only a lifeless person will, in spite of all the temptations that come
with being a Head of State, a Governor, a PTF Chairman, and
current President wouldn’t steal public money. He is contented
with only the salaries and incentives that come along with the
Only a lifeless President will travel all the way to America to meet
the most powerful man on earth, listen to his demands, and less
than 5 days after that meeting, declared that his country has
entered into a Currency Swap agreement with a rival country,
China! That is Lifeless!
Only a Lifeless but bold President would reject overtures to open
his country’s borders to US agricultural commodities. No wonder
he was labelled “Lifeless.” But if that is what lifeless is, then My
President Buhari is truly “Lifeless!”
Only a Lifeless President would hear that few selfish and self
ambition-driven strong party members has decamped to a rival
party and not be bothered. Instead, he thanked and wished them
luck! Walahi! This President Buhari is too lifeless!
Only a Lifeless President would go to the Annual General
Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), a gathering of
erudite lawyers and SANs and look them in the eye and declared:
“The rule of law must be subjected to the supremacy of the
nation’s security and national interest. The law can only be
optimally practiced in a Nigeria that is safe, secure and

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