Why we all love Nnamdi Kanu-Alvin Lovin

That Nnamdi Kanu’s interview with Israeli Tv Channel of yesterday
left me with tears. People do not quite understand why we hold him very high. Let me say it in just few words.

Nnamdi Kanu’s agitation is for justice, he has never encouraged
any mortal to dehumanize or oppress another, all he has been
preaching from Radio Biafra in London till date is justice. Only a
wicked and heartless fellow do not love justice, we love him
because we love justice.

Nnamdi is consist and sincere with this agitation, in my life, I have
never seen a Nigerian that has gone through what he has been
through that did not compromise his belief. Just give most
Nigerians 5 thousand naira, they will sell their generation. He had
every opportunity and offer to abandon the struggle while he was
incarcerated, but he stood on his course.

Such a man can only beloved by the upright…Only an evil fellow will hate such a man. Nnamdi Kanu is well exposed, enlightened, informed, intelligent and factual. It is not enough to wear coat and parade as a useless intellectual when one is indeed empty. Most of those that are speaking nonsense grammar and attacking him are
myopic, ignorant and empty, but because they can speak some
good English,they mistake it to be intellectualism.

If Nigeria is a sane clime, the likes of Nnamdi should be the president of the country. Listen to all his interviews and you will see his top notch brain. So you can see why i esteem him so passionately and defend him everywhere.

I have never in my life made any mortal my hero, not to talk of one
from the geographic location called Nigeria .But in Nnamdi kanu, I
saw a hero, I saw a man full of courage, I saw a man that has the
interest of my unborn generation at heart. So if you do not see these reasons, I am sorry, I cannot help to cure your mental blindness.

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  3. Let God have his way in this agitation matter.

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