Why we are driven by money in relationships

Marriage is an earthly affair between a man and a woman joined
together in Holy Matrimony – that’s with both parents approval.
Women are emotional being. The question is, how much are men
emotionally driven or are they not emotional beings. There is a
recurrence of emotional cracks and imbalance in relationship and
marriage today that should prompt the question of, what really is
the cause of break up in relationship and divorce in marriage as to
avoid collapse and then guarantee the future of the relationship
and marriage.

Very few women have honestly asked, why did he left? Why did he chose her and dumped me? Or why is he no more having my time? Why and why for so many reasons? The question may sound unnecessary but as far as you are still interestedly open to new relationship and knowing this is a recurring omen, then you need to research, study and find solution for this unseemly dilemma that a lot of single and married women have suffered. Whatever that will make a man leave his fiancee or wife can be tracked and used as a solution to what will make him stay in the relationship or marriage. The mystery is, Men are emotional being but they are more financially driven more than they
emotionally driven like the women.

A man is willing to do anything to get money based on the opportunity presented to him but the same man seems unwilling to do anything to keep his relationship or marriage, except very few. Hence, we see relationship and marriages that was once beautiful years a go have become sorrowful and sober, at worst resulting to broken home. Seeing that a man’s primary definition for relationship and marriage apart
from raising children are HIS comfort zone and financial benefits
in the spirit of competition in the society.

Whether he is to work for it or it is freely given to him, that doesn’t matter to him. Even when it is from a strange woman or price tagged, it still doesn’t matter to him as far as there is financial benefits in it. And you see Satan equipping a lot of these strange women financially and putting them in places of influence. Except a man is spiritually matured and guided in the things of God, he will fall into this trap and a lot times, he goes out of his way driven and influenced by things and people that presents money and financial opportunity to him.

In fact, the moment you start giving your fiance or husband financial
headaches rather than making major contribution in his life, prayer
inclusive -that is the day you signed losing him to strange women.
This is the more reason why a woman should develop her potential
and have an attitude of contribution in her relationship, if not you
will lose your relevance and also lose your partner, fiance or
husband. Isaiah 4:1 reveals the situation, “And in that day seven
women shall take hold of one man, saying, “We will eat our own
food and wear our own apparel; Only let us be called by your name,
To take away our reproach.” Listen, these women are not coming
empty handed and it ain’t the sex that is the force behind it but
they have strategic financial proposal in view to get in on board to
the detriment of some people. Strange women are not just the
external forces creating this unseemly emotional crack and
imbalances in relationship and marriage, it could be his new job,
contract or social or political group with financial benefits and
opportunities that he is married to and except you understood this
and strategically increase your relevance to his interest and
passion, i tell you, you won’t last long in marriage.

This is also where the control of your temper and learning to talk right are very important. Majority of women instead of creatively winning him over have destroyed their marriage with anger, jealousy,
accusation, bitterness and finally they decided to leave the
marriage, filing a divorce because of lack of understanding, and to
their great disappointment, they left and the man didn’t miss them
(except that the children are asking) because his only definition of
relationship or marriage are HIS comfort and financial benefits or
increase, which do not omit his sense of responsibility to you in
terms of providing for you. In conclusion, men are financially
driven and are more financially understood than in any other
subject. You may not give a man money but you can be his
counsellor or manager to bring increase into his life and finance.

It is a choice, you rather be his relief or headaches, whichever one
you choose, know it is going to influence the longevity of your
relationship or marriage with him. As a young woman, it is so
important you train and make yourself a comfort zone to people
that comes to you, rather than a discomfort zone, if not you lose
your relevance and still lose your relationships, and marriage to
women. Refuse to complain. Be solution conscious at all time.
You are his helper, you are not helpless. In essence, men are
financially driven and influenced in relationship and marriage, not
emotionally driven and influenced like majority of women grew up
to believe in terms of boos, butt, beauty and sex.

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