Why we need to value our wives

Dear Men, We don’t realize how blessed we are to have a woman
in our lives. I just lost my wife today, she died while giving birth to
our first child so I decided to pay this tribute to every woman
Dear wife,
Thank you for being a blessing to me
Women go through a lot just to build a place called home and
sometimes we take it for granted without knowing it.
They sacrifice their comfort for 9 months to give us children. They
sacrifice their beauty, shape, health to raise a family and
sometimes they pay the ultimate price with their lives.
But how can I raise our child alone when I was not there when you
were pregnant
I was not there when you needed to cuddled at night as your
stomach gets bigger
I was not there to assure you that you will be forever be the most
beautiful Queen ever as you stood in front on the mirror, looking at
the stretch mark on your belly
I should have helped you shaved
I should have helped you put your slippers on when your stomach
got to big
You stopped eating very well but still prepared my meal, I should
have been the one to cook.
I watched your belly grow bigger every month until it was time
You did the best you could and when you saw it wasn’t enough,
you laid down your life.
Who is going to take care of our son?
With tears in my eyes I say I LOVE YOU.
I pray for all pregnant women reading this, you will not labour in
vain. May you deliver your children like the women of Hebrew.
Please type amen share this everywhere
I pray for all women trying to conceive, May God bless your womb
with healthy children.
To all men out there, this Is a wake up call, we need to treat our
women like Queens because they are QUEENS. We need to be
there for them. If only you can feel the pains of carrying another
life inside you for 9 months. They sacrificed their lives to bring
forth another life, please be grateful.


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