Why we should all love Donald Trump-Vanessa Robinson

Here you have a man who is doing what surely is the toughest job in the world for free. He donates every single one of his paychecks to an American cause. Whether it be towards our infrastructure or to a veterans organization, he has kept his promise. He has kept many of his promises to Americans, and yet each day I turn on the news and without fail, the media has found a new way to slander him, to smear him, to accuse him of things that are despicable lies. I often wonder, does anyone think critically anymore?. Does anyone wonder why there is so much hatred for one man?. All you ever hear is “He’s racist” “He hates Jews” “He hates blacks” “He’s a bigot” and on and on and on they go. Yet a simple google search will bring up pictures of Trump with the black community receiving awards, or Trump praying at the holiest site in Judaism – the Western Wall. You’ll see him hugging frail black grandmothers, or kissing and hugging on little black babies. You can find story after story of instances where he’s heard of someone who is suffering and moved heaven and earth to help
them while never seeking the spotlight for doing so. Yet you’ll never hear those stories from the media. Have you ever asked yourself why?.

Over the years this man has watched America be robbed blind by other foreign nations, he’s watched as politicians have made promise after promise to garner a vote and yet break those same promises time and again, he’s seen families be traumatized and forever destroyed by drugs, gang crime, and loss of livelihoods. Simply put, he’s watched with great sorrow as the American spirit was broken and I honestly believe it broke his heart. He didn’t need this job. He had a good life. It should have been time for him to slow down and enjoy the fruits of his labor, but he loved America. He loved her people. ALL of her people. He vowed to make America great again and by God he has kept his word. I love our President and I know he cares deeply about me. But yeah my heart hurts for our President most days.

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