Why women will keep hurting you

I have been hurt so many times by same strange heartless women
that see the good side of me. I never knew that I will still stand in
future speaking about love. Well am not the best because am not
God. My heart break have taken me to a destination I’m benefiting
today. If I’m not faithful and responsible as a single person, so
many woman would have taken advantage of me. I said to my
self. If I’m not faithful as a single person, I will never be faithful as
a married person.. But I have learn how to be faithful even before I
get close to the world of woman. I do ask God why did you give
me the strength of being faithful. He said to me because I want to
give you a woman that is faithful. I ask him why. He said to me. A
real man isn’t the one with big muscles but the one with big heart
to understand his woman. (this is what I have been praying) he
said to me. A real man remain faithful to only one irrespective of
the temptations around him. A real man isn’t the one who can
perfectly hide his emotions but the one who is brave enough to
admit his weakness. This write up is special to the woman that bit
my heart.. I pray one day God will bring that woman my heart will
bit for.. For those who have broken my trust and faith of love.
Thank you for doing that, at list you show me the reason why I
Need to stand up and work again. You lead me to a destination of
different understanding. I will always be grateful for given me a
chance to use my hand to build my broken trust of love. One thing
in life you don’t understand. Don’t go loosing a good man because
you think he can’t afford you. You forget You are not a product to
be bought.. Let me tell you one thing. Trust is one of those things
that can take a lifetime to build and a moment to destroy. While we
may have done something foolish to destroy trust in our
relationship, it is our responsibility to do everything we can to
restore it. But when you believe you can’t build it, you can work
away but don’t forget someone will one day pick the contract and
do what you can’t do well and when that person finish building that
heart that is truly broken don’t stand outside and think or say
something bad because you see it as inpossible but someone did it
because is possible. One thing you don’t understand about lie. It is
one of those things that break relationships. Lie for me and the
truth will break my heart.. I believe one day the one that is really
appointed for me by God will show out and I will point her out like
my own special property. I will never allow my past to take over
her. I will play my part and I believe every things will take place for God. As many of you that are reading. Pls don’t allow things that
are not necessary take away your marriage or relationship
happiness. Stand strong and prove to that person who think is not
possible that is possible. Never give up until you see the end of the

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