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Why you are emotionally unstable

No one would want to think of herself as emotionally unstable but many of us experience times when we are not sure what is wrong. We are excited today but feeling blue tomorrow. We are no longer sure what interests us and what is more annoying is that this can last for weeks or even months.
Emotional instability is the inability to hold ‘it’ all together. But why does it happen?
1. Chemical imbalance
This is the most obvious reason because hormones play a major role in our emotions so the reason you keep going back and forth may be because of some spike or decrease in your hormones.
2. Unhealthy relationships
We are a sum total of the people around us. If you are surrounded by destructive relationships or are involved in just one, it is capable of sapping the joy and stability out of your life. Not finding love from loved ones can really mess with you emotionally.
3. Sleep deprivation
God was not messing around when he created the concept of sleep. Going days without sleep may not tell on your physical body but it can disrupt your emotions.
4. Stress
If you are under some form of physical stress, it can impact on your emotions as well. Even the most stable person can break down when under tremendous stress.
5. Poor examples
It is possible that while growing up, you were surrounded by people who could not handle their emotions and so their lives were full of emotional outbursts whenever something wasn’t working.
6. Poor diet
Good food isn’t just for your body. Food deprivation can affect mood swings.
7. Bi-polar disorder
I kept this as the last because it is a serious mental issue but that does not mean it cannot be managed. This is why I say there’s nothing wrong with seeing a professional so you can know for sure what the problem is.

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