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Why you need a blunt friend

Blunt people are not always fun to hang out with. They have a way of being logical all the time and never bothering to polish the truth just so it sounds nice. They say it as it is and it can be very annoying but don’t be in a hurry to cast them off.
The following are some reasons you should hold on to your blunt friends.
1. They push you
A blunt person will not want to see your potentials or talents waste. She will challenge you to be a better version of yourself. Even if you have been through something hurtful, they let you grieve then kick you off your butt when you are beginning to wallow.
2. You can count on them
Anytime you need an honest opinion, you can bank on her to always give it to you. Even if it might make you wince, you can be certain that you will be grateful later on.
3. They don’t let you settle
Each time you are tempted to just ‘manage’ something, they are right at there at your side to tell you to keep moving until you have found what befits you. This may be job offers, relationships etc.
4. They know how to stand up for themselves
Blunt people are usually confident people so isn’t it nice to know that you are not friends with someone who is always dependent on you to come to her rescue? Also, when you need backup, they are there.
5. They listen and advise
I have covered in an earlier post that a blunt person tells you the truth out of love. Therefore, before they speak, they hear you out and counsel you accordingly. They are not out to reel arguments at you.
If you have any blunt friend, don’t let her go and make an effort to also be an honest friend.

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