Why you need to be careful in dating

Dating is good, but you need to be careful because you don’t know if you are meeting the representative. You don’t know if the other person is only entertaining you until they can physically have your body. You don’t know if they are using your good spirit and good energy to get over an old flame that once burned them. Dating is so hard because so many people are afraid to be transparent with how they feel and what they truly want out of the next person. We project and say that we want all these things, but in the end some of us really don’t. Building a bond and a relationship with someone takes an extreme amount of work. You can’t take days off when you are in a relationship. Everyday has to be geared towards growing stronger as a couple. You meet so many people today that don’t understand that concept. You meet so many people today that just want to waste your time. It would be nice to meet someone without having hidden motives for a change. It would be nice to meet someone you can talk to and forget how much time has passed. It would be nice to meet someone who is tired of getting hurt and tired of getting it wrong just like you, and wants to get it right with someone special one day.

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  2. Vice is what happens today… They are conditional

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