Why you need to stop self-medication

We need to be careful about the things we take into our system, especially as women. You shouldn’t just take drugs without a doctor’s prescription just because someone told you it works.
There is a reason why people spend years in universities studying courses like medicine or pharmacy and that enough should remind you that you are not really in a position to prescribe drugs for yourself just because you can.
Your health should always be a priority and you should always endeavour to maintain good health to the best of your ability. When you feel pain or discomfort in your body, you should seek professional advice.
A professional will recommend the right drugs if you need any and will tell you the right way to deal with such pain or discomfort. No one else knows the right way just because they are older or because they have experienced something similar before or because they have seen someone who had experienced it before.
Stop feeding yourself drugs without a prescription. It is not healthy, neither is it right. Learn to take care of your health by seeking the advice of those who know what they are doing.


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