Why you should consider a positive life as a lady

The fear and worry of menopause will even make you age faster.
By this time, all the multiple guys you slept with both the ones from
a cursed family and the ones from ancestral curses, when you
were lifting your legs to the ceiling and twisting your body like
snake in bed. All those things that make guys rush after you are
gone like a movie. At this time, you become emergency Christian.
All your posts are about Jesus and church things. Any comment
you make, Jesus must enter. Even when football is being
discussed you must find a way to add Jesus to it. For your mind,
you dey deceive guys abi? You want them to see wife material in
you. Suddenly you learn manners, all the multiple people you had
relations with, the battle is now more spiritual than physical. All the
curses married women were laying on you for sleeping with their
husbands are now controlling your life. Not even Mary Kay can
remove all that mess!
At 40, a guy is still young but a lady of 35 is more like a “Christian
What is my point? Make haste while the sun shines to avoid had I
known. Don’t while away your time playing games with men. I am
not saying a lady cannot marry at 35 neither am I saying one
should rush into marriage neither am I mocking those who are
above 30 and still single, I still am not saying only those who
marry at 25 have the best marriages. I am only saying, don’t waste
your time sleeping around when you should accept a man and
settle down.
Imagine you are around 30-35 years, at this point, only men of
older age like 40-45 will come to marry you because young guys of
30-35 won’t like to marry a lady of 30-35 but unfortunately, those
guys of 40-45, most of them are married. They even married girls
of 22-27. They will still look so young at 40 but a lady of 35 will
look like their senior sister. Ladies age faster. That’s why a girl of
16 can be looking so mature, guys would be wooing her but a guy
of 18 would still be looking like 13 years old boy. It also applies to
old age.
This might not actually be applicable in all cases, not all single
ladies at 30s were slay queens, but the message remains, “make
hay while the sun shines.

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  1. Positive thinking makes the mind stay at rest

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