Why you should keep trusting God

It was a sunny Saturday morning, and our wedding anniversary. I
looked at my wife as she got ready to leave the house for work.
She is a doctor and had been on call today. It seemed like
yesterday she walked down the aisle to me. Wow! We are twenty-
three years in marriage today. I smiled at her, she smiled back.
We have this thing we do in our anniversary; its more like a friendly
competition, we see who surprises who with the best anniversary
gift. She had won five years in a row; I was definitely going to win
this year because my surprise for her would blow her head off.
“So what are you going to do this year” she asked me, coming out
clean with the question because she had stealthily tried to find out
what my plans were. “Watch and see” I told her. I asked her the
same question; she just said “hmmm”. I’ve discovered when a
woman says hmmm, she’s really got something hot cooking. She
picked her bag, kissed my beardy cheek and left. We had plans for
dinner by 6:00pm tonight. Then, I would unleash my ‘BIG’ surprise.
We have been married for twenty-two years and we have no
children, or perhaps God had not given us any. Over time we had
come to realize that sometimes God says yes, wait or no! And
there is nothing we could do to change that fact. He is GOD.
Therefore, I had vowed to love Patience with the whole of my
being. I had promised to always make her laugh and though we
both sunk into lugubrious moods, we would trust and keep hope
alive. I would be her husband and her son; and she my wife and
daughter. We had just ourselves.
Patience, my wife reads a lot of books and her favourite authors
are Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Karen Kingsbury and I bet she
could kill to meet them in person. Last year I contacted
Chimamanda and started making preparations to surprise my wife
this year. After much process, I got her to have dinner with us
tonight. It wasn’t easy at all. My wife was going to faint! The idea
that I had won this years’ anniversary surprise made me all jumpy
and giddy. I was going to prepare her best meal, ‘Efo riro, bush
meat and poundy’.
I had known what my wife had planned for me. We live in Accra
and I had always wanted to visit Nigeria, to Jos. I had told her so
many stuff about this place I had grown up in, and especially about
the mouthwatering ‘Gwete’. I had tried to prepare gwete for her and
on so many occasions failed. In fact the last time I tried it looks
like ‘Acha pudding’ with cabbage and biscuit bone. LOL. Anyways,
I heard her making plans for us to travel to Jos. I smiled.
Its 5:00pm, I had finished the cooking and all, set the table, lit the
scented candles and did all the romantic ‘orishirishi’ we see in
movies. The door opens.
“Awww!” She squeals. I hug her and after small talk she saunters
off, mounting the staircase to get ready for dinner. I had showered,
shaved and dressed in a crisp white shirt, jeans and sneakers. We
are one of those couples that still try to look young even in our
aging years. Forty-five minutes later, she comes down in a black
dress with silver studs in her ears; she looked breathtaking.
Although I could still see the grey that stuck in her hair. As we sat,
the doorbell rang. I smiled, my surprise had arrived.
“Baby, get the door please” I said and ran off to get my camera. As
she opens the door, she sees Chimamanda and her assistant
standing at the door. She screamed! And hugged the smiling
guest. We all sat to eat. I watched them both smiling from ear to
ear as they discussed so many things especially about her books
and all. Its 7:30pm and I can’t wait for Chimamanda to leave so I
could clinch onto my victory.
Finally, she left. We were clearing the table when I saw the brown
envelope sticking out from my wife’s purse. I knew it! It was our
plane tickets to Jos. Smiling vicariously I picked it up and opened
it. I was right, tickets to Jos and also.
I collapsed on the sofa, and I couldn’t quench the river of tears that
had started to flow on my well shaven face. I was sobbing hard.
That after twenty- three years (today) of marriage, God had
decided to make me a daddy! My wife joined me on the sofa, we
were crying for joy together because after so many years of God
telling us to wait, He finally said yes.
My head was on my wife’s laps. I could perceive her cologne
better. Interrupting our tearful silence she asks me. “So honey,
who surprised who, who won this year?” With a mischievous grin, I
looked up to her not wanting to carry last this year and said “Na
Godwin”. We both laughed looking ahead. We were going to be
parents! God had surprised us both. Although, my wife keeps
saying she won.
Inspiration: ‘Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in
the morning”. He who calms the storms is able to meet your need
Lovely People, it’s not too late for your expectations to be met
before the end of this year.

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