Why you should not leave your wife alone with artisans

Why you should not leave your wife alone with artisans

Dear HUSBAND’S, It’s rather unfortunate that you have become so
careless with Artisans that you trust them so easily as much as
giving them unsupervised access to our homes with the common
statement: ‘No worry, you go meet my wife for house… if you don
finish the work, she go pay you’.

You protect your homes from every other person except Artisans.
You allow Electricians, Carpenters, Plumbers, Mechanics,
Technicians, Errand Boys, Gardeners, Male Cleaners, House Boys,
Gatemen and the likes, to have unhindered access to your homes
with only our wives and daughters with 100% confidence that
nothing can happen.

Are they robots from another planet? Even if you trust your wife,
do you also trust these strange men by leaving them all alone at
home with your wife? If your male relatives are suspects, is it total
strangers that are now reliable?

Do not push your wife to a situation where she might get molested
or raped. It is not even your wife or daughters that should be
attending to Artisans in the first place, you should be there
physically until they are done with their work.

Infact if the nature of the work requires the Artisans entering your
bathroom or bedroom, make sure your wife and daughters remove
their undies and other feminine stuffs from sight, before the
Artisan is given access to such places.

During the time of the Companions when there was so much piety
and fear of God, such calamity still happened. So, please be
careful and avoid unintentional exposure of your loved ones before
its too late.

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