Why you shouldnt allow your friends call your wife “Our Wife”. Build value around your wife

Our wife is not a value language. It doesn’t represent anything of value at all. You have to stop letting your friends call your woman ‘Our wife’, stop encouraging the boys to devalue your partner for you with that language. Not only is it a bad language to be used around your partner, it encourages unneccessary familiarity and slowly breeds a sense of disrespect.

Our wife our wife, that’s how they start intruding in your relationship matter that does not concern them. Our wife our wife, they start feeling like they can have an opinion about your relationship. Our wife our wife, they start behaving like they are entitled to free information about everything going on in your relationship. Our wife our wife, they will cross their legs in the sitting room and wait for your woman to kneel down and serve them.

Our wife is a bad notion, if you have been letting your friends use
that language with your partner. Start correcting them in love. Look, If you don’t build value around your woman, no one will do it for you.

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