Why your checklist of Mr. Right won’t get you a man

I watched a movie in which the heroine had such a detailed checklist of what her ideal man ought to look like that she drew a picture of him!
Your case might not be so critical but then you have a list. Yet, we have heard stories of ladies who ended up in happy marriages with men who look nothing like their checklist. So why doesn’t the list work every time?
1. The checklist is too physical
Most times the list carries stuff like ‘tall, dark/light-skinned, handsome, rich, broad shoulders, speaks good English’ etc. but what about his personality and values?
2. He is too perfect
No woman’s list will ever have flaws in it. You don’t make room for the fact that your ideal match does not have all the qualities or may have some flaws. In the end, you look for a man who doesn’t exist.
3. You are close-minded
The list stops you from seeing other men who may look nothing like your list but may still be perfect fits for you. Of course, you should not compromise on your values but at times, we are always searching for preferences when good guys are out there.
4. Your tastes are changing
The man you wanted when you were in secondary school is definitely not the man you want while working. Have you asked yourself what you truly want in a man now and why he would be good for you? Some of us don’t bother to keep tabs on how we’ve grown so we are stuck with immature, wishful thinking.
5. Your list is based on the wrong reasons
What has promoted each item on your list? Is it the need to impress others or meet expectations of society? If so, you will never get satisfied with the men you meet.
Concentrate on building yourself, not lists, and the man will come.

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