WICKEDNESS!! Slay Queen Intentionally Infects Neighbour’s 9 Months Daughter With HIV/AIDS

That is actually wickedness, how can a sane HIV girl purposely infects a toddler with HIV? A lady was on Tuesday charged in a Nakuru courtroom with intentionally transmitting HIV to a nine-months-old child belonging to her neighbour. Susan Njeri, 27, who appeared earlier than Principal Justice of the Peace Joe Omido, was accused of breastfeeding the toddler when she knew was HIV optimistic.

The cost sheet mentioned Ms Njeri knowingly and wilfully breastfeed the toddler and knew her motion was more likely to infect the child with HIV. Ms Njeri is accused of committing the offense on September 18 at in Njoro sub- county. Based on the prosecution the kid’s mom had left the toddler within the care of Ms Njeri, who’s her neighbour and left for work. However the complainant was not conscious that Ms Njeri was carrying the HIV virus.

Through the course of the day, the child began crying and efforts by Ms Njeri to calm the child had been fruitless. She resorted to breastfeed the child. She was caught by neighbours who reported the matter to the police. She was arrested and brought to Njoro Police Station.


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  1. Good

  2. The world is not wicked,some people are.

  3. This is a wicked act

  4. Through what? Blood?

  5. Good information

  6. ok

  7. Nawaoo

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