Winner of the 2016 presidential elections sentence to 20 years in prison

General Jean Marie Michel Mokoko of CONGO, winner of the 2016 presidential elections, is as
a moins.

Not only that his victory has been stolen, he has been accused
of acts mounted in every room, and he is sentenced to 20
years in prison, which is a disgrace to my country!

I wonder what’s going on in his head, but at least I know he’s
serene because as he said a few days ago, he only has his
honor. I see in this image a strong man, a valiant, a general
who does not fléchit. I see the hope of my country and I know
it will not weaken.

My respects to the hero he is, the embodiment of bravery he is.
I call on all of us to support it, carry out actions on the ground
and asphyxions this power which is desperate.
Homeland or death, we’ll win.


  1. Yes that’s it

  2. That’s one thing we don’t do here. Once he is a past president or present,he can’t be punished.

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