With or Without Vice President Slot, PDP Will Win South-West-Fayose

Out-going Governor of Ekiti state, Ayo Fayose speaking at a
farewell dinner organised for him by governors of the PDP in Abuja
on Sunday night said that despite not getting the slot of the Vice
President to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential
candidate, Atiku Abubakar, the party will still win the South West.
Fayose, who said he was unhappy with some recent developments
in the PDP, however, said that all must come together to ensure
that Atiku becomes the next president of the country.
He also expressed confidence that former Anambra State
Governor, Peter Obi, will become the Vice President of the country.
He said: “Recently I was not happy with certain things. I cannot
deceive you. We stay and fight this battle. Despite the fact that we
do not have the VP slot, we will win the South West.
“We will not throw the baby away with the bath water.
“Those of you who have paid serious prices in this party and those
of you that are yet to put in the totality of your being, Atiku will be
President of this country.
“Obi will be Vice President of this country. I want to tell you that it
is very easy to inherit your father, but what you do with that
inheritance is what matters.”
The former governor said he would be more vocal in propagating
his views outside the office as he distanced his ways from the
ways of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), saying: “We are
living for tomorrow, not for today. In a few years time, those things
that excite us today will no longer excite. I say to you clearly, I
have no apology to any authority for any of my actions in
government. If you trace their ways, you can never trace mine to
“They got power by deceit. But they have no solution.
“Tell them at the Villa, my name is Ayodele Fayose, Peter the
Rock. By the Grace of God, I will be at the EFCC tomorrow by 1 pm.
I am not a coward.
“Let it be said to them that today is their own. Tomorrow is our
own. I will not run away, they will rather run away.
“They took me to Court 13 years ago, I won after 8 years. They
harassed my family and I got judgment three times against them.
This time will not be an exception.
“Those who wait for me will wait in vain. EFCC is no court. This
lab belongs to all of us.
“You saying Fayose will leave us, where will I go to? My Father is
here. I have nowhere to go. Let me tell you, these Egyptians, you
see today by February, you will see them no more.
“I am prepared for them. Only cowards die many times before their
“It will be easier to work with you and fight not been a governor.
“As soon as I leave EFCC, I will talk more than what I am talking
“There is no way Buhari will match Atiku. Put two of them side by
side, comment by comment, clarity to clarity.”
While noting that Nigerians will not vote APC, he added: “Even if
you share money, they are no longer interested.

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