Wizkid’s Babymama, Shola Ogudu Is Definitely Not Your Regular Babymama – See Why

Shola Ogudu is not your regular baby mama as she has taken major steps in ensuring that her son, Boluwatife, which she has with superstar singer, Ayo Balogun aka Wizkid, doesn’t lack anything in life.

Ms Ogudu had made headlines last year, after she called out the singer for neglecting his son, and paying more attention to another child more. She even revealed back and forth private between the singer and herself, on the effort she has made in ensuring that the relationship between them is mutual.

Looks like she has moved over that and taken life by the horn by doing for her son, what most reasonable mothers would do, regardless of the situation  she’s in.

She shared via Twitter on Sunday thus:

“Just Outchea Creating OPPORTUNITIES for my Baby Boy!!! Set him up to the fullest.. He wouldn’t have to stress to get WHATEVER he wants when he wants because that’s  how star do

Bookwise,Fashionwise,Entertainmentwise infact Everything wise!!! We got everything on lock ma Niccccaaaaaa!!!! Lol Baby boy just needs to grow up and decide which way to go
We Thank God for his Grace”

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