Woman had 19 miscarriages due to fabroid

Medical doctors in Owerri said I had a fibroid, my fallopian tubes
were tilted and that my hormones were imbalanced. After trying
and failing with hospitals and medical doctors, I had to try
traditional doctors, herbalists if u may, and of cos, they had their
own reports. Ukwu oku, ehie afor, and the rest of them. Herbs (ogu
Igbo) took me to different parts of the east, Aba, Mbaise, Anambra,
Orlu, Ngwa, just to mention a few.
It’s not like I wasn’t getting pregnant, I was, but I kept losing the
pregnancies. I stopped counting when I had lost over 19 babies
(19 miscarriages) because after all, it was not an achievement, I
told myself there was no point keeping records.
I took drugs and drank concoctions till I was almost shapeless,
people kept telling me “Sandra u’re getting fat oh, u better watch
it”, without knowing what I was going thru, how would I have told
them that it was the hormonal drugs that were making me fat.
A lot of things were said, a lot of gossips went out, I heard them all
but still smiled with the people that said them, after all, they were
“friends”, and some family.
One said she went with me to where I did the abortion that cost me
my womb, another said I have plans of leaving my husband that’s
why I didn’t want to get pregnant for him, another said I should
keep buying cars, instead of building my home and filling it up with
children, another said God has not given me my own kids bcos I
don’t appreciate other people’s kids, another said I’m eating the
children in my womb thru witchcraft, another said God will not
bless me with my own kids bcos I have a bad character. I was
called barren, a man, a wood, infertile, a witch……. the list of
names and gossip is endless.
I prayed, oh believe you me, I prayed, I fasted, I cried, I went to
different churches, I was in the choir, I cleaned the church on
Saturdays. To a large extent, I was faithful to God, yet nothing
happened, and I kept asking God why he hated me so much.
But when it was time, it was time. God showed up, He proved
himself strong, he showed me He didn’t hate me.
After 6 years of marriage, 6 years of waiting, 6 years of praying, 6
years of crying, 6 years of fasting, 6 years of mockery, 6 years if
gossip, 6 years of pain, God decided to dry my late night tears with
this beautiful miracle.

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  1. Very pathetic

  2. So sorry! Fibroid is really dangerous. Our ladies need to watch out and know about its symptoms

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