The clout of Lagos and Kano extends well beyond the borders of
Nigeria, Lagos is arguably the most important coastal city in all of
Africa, just as Kano has historically served as a major crossroads
on the trans-Saharan trade route that stretches into the
Mediterranean and has lasted more than a thousand years in doing
so. This is why their Excellencies, the Governors of Lagos and
Kano State deserve our commendation for the landmark gathering.
This summit for the first time, brings together two of Nigeria’s
most demographically significant States and its major centers of
commerce, with a combined share of 37% of our National GDP, to
explore opportunities for leveraging their individual and combined
economic potentials for the benefit of their citizens and the entire
country. As salespeople will say, this is truly a buy-one-get-one-
free opportunity for investors, policy makers and all who have a
stake in the economic future of Nigeria. Lagos and Kano have also
proved that the Federal system we operate, which to some extent,
guarantees the autonomy of States is not necessarily meant to
make the States islands unto themselves, but also to strengthen
our corporate and National commercial appeal. It may sound far-
fetched right now to imagine that city economies will in some way
displace nation-states in global importance, but you only need to
consider the fact that in many cases, cities around the world
existed longer than the countries to which they belong. Lagos and
Kano, as much cities as they are States, both predate the
existence of Nigeria. On our part, the Federal Government will
support the efforts of all State Governments to reform their
economies, attract investment, and collaborate with one another.
The days when the Federal Government would seek to undermine
Governors and their administrations are now well behind us. The
State Governors would be the first to attest to the fact that
President Buhari is deeply committed to helping every State in
Nigeria achieve its full economic potential. With the opening up of
national borders across West Africa and even the entire continent,
there will be even more room for both cities to assert themselves
economically; to seize rapidly emerging opportunities, to ride on
the waves of investment and innovation to become truly globally
competitive, and to show the way to the rest of Nigeria.

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