You are an enemy of Nigeria if you supported what happened in Osun State-Amanda

This is not about APC or PDP, this is about Nigeria. If you are
celebrating what happened in Osun yesterday in the name of an
election because you think the outcome favours you or your party,
you are an enemy of Nigeria and the Nigerian people and the killer
of our true national dreams and aspirations.
There is nothing more cynical than what happened in Osun and
nothing worse than seeing people celebrating it. Sure, the APC
candidate would be sworn in as governor and the PDP will take its
case frustratingly to the tribunal. Eventually, the PDP will win the
case in possibly three years time and the candidate will jubilate
and finally take his seat as governor. But the APC’s hope is that by
then, they would have used their power of incumbency in Osun and
similar states to help with the ‘election’ of Buhari in 2019 and
would in overall terms have profited from their crimes.
If you are a true Nigerian, a patriotic Nigerian still thinking that the APC means any iota of good for your country, you need to go sit
down somewhere and search your conscience very well. Forget
what you are personally gaining from any arrangement involving
them, just think deeply about the harm being done to Nigeria now.
I know some of you would be quick to say “PDP did this” and “PDP
did that” when they were in power at the centre, but it’s only a
wilfully blind person that cannot see the obvious difference with
what the APC is actually doing today.
But, there’s no reason to despair because we can save our
country. We can save our nation through this same much-abused
process in place. But we need solidarity; North, South, East and
West, we need the solidarity of the Nigerian people against the
clear and present danger the APC represents now. We need for the
unified voice of the people to be strong and clear. There is no
more room for silence or sitting on the fence or just saying, “I’m
APC, but I don’t like what they’re doing now”. You have to take
your stance for 2019. Their final assault on Nigeria, the big evil
castle of their dream, is being built on 2019. Only you can stop
them. Osun has proved you can. Only you can tell them you love
Nigeria more than they hate Nigeria and the Nigerian people. Do
not worry about the violence they can unleash. It will always have
a limited or no impact in a national election. It ‘worked’ for them in Osun because it’s a small supplementary election; in a national
election they will be spread thin and they’ll be overwhelmed. At any
rate, it can only work if majority of the people are silent,
complacent or if they don’t go out on the election day to do what
they have to do. Only scoundrels are intimidated by scoundrels,
but patriots plant the flag of national conscience, no matter who
tries to stop them. Be a patriot. Only you can make them lose; only
you can decide if you want to continue like this or stop it. Keep
your PVC safe; the answer is still in there. Use it.

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  1. Nice job

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