You can be the toxic bad energy

You know the Wizkid verse “bad energy stay far away. . ., right?” I always find it ironic, because. . .; but what exactly is your bad energy? Maybe he’s talking about his naysayers. Nevertheless, more often than most, when we reference bad energy, we are actually talking about people who call us out when we do wrong.
I know it’s never fun to hear that it’s actually you who is in the wrong and that people might be distancing themselves from you for a reason. But we cannot be so blind or self-righteous not to see that sometimes when we shout about toxic people and bad energy, we are talking about ourselves.
Ask why your friends are not calling you or asking you to hang out with them. Ask why you feel entitled to the time of other people, but don’t give yours. Ask why you always feel like everyone is against you and you are never wrong. Ask others those traits that they don’t find attractive in you.
Chances are self-examination will reveal that you need to detoxify yourself. We should always be open to looking deeply into why we do things.
It will be heavy, and it won’t be fun, but you’ll be a better person for it.


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