You can’t always get what you want but you can make peace with what you get

Life doesn’t always give us lemons to make lemonade. So sometimes, we take whatever it throws at us or even nothing when it doesn’t and try to see how we can make the best out of the situation. I know that when you don’t get what you want everything may not seem good enough but sometimes you just have to try to put on the extra effort and see if there is a blessing in that situation.
Sometimes, you might not get the job you want or date the person you want or get the dress you want but when you have something else you can use that as a ladder to get to where you want or at least have something to use for the meantime before you achieve your dreams.
Life is a roller coaster, it is never a smooth journey; sometimes you win and other times you lose. But no matter what happens you must try not to give up and lose hope in what the future may bring. Sometimes, there are blessings in situations that seem to be a curse.


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