You may be a good person, but. . .

Many times, especially in relationships, people like to brag about how much good they are, forgetting that goodness is not always enough. You can be a good person but selfish, you can be a good person but lack communication skills, you can be a good person and not be understanding, you can be a good person but toxic or manipulative and the list goes on.
Sometimes, we look at the fact that we have never killed or hit anyone and think that qualifies us for certain things in life. It is a lot like expecting a prestigious university to give you admission because you have a good family background despite the fact that you don’t have the necessary secondary school certificate.
Being good is always not enough. You ought to have other qualities too, you have to be able to know your faults and know when to make attempts. You have to understand that no one owes you anything just because you think you are a good person.
Understanding that being a good person is relative and is not a requirement for getting all the good things in life will do you a lot of good.


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