You need to quit the relationship and move on when you notice this

If you see any of these in your partner, either sit them down and
ask serious questions, give them a red card or simply quit the
relationship before they do you irreparable damage! No story
please, you need an explanation or quit the relationship!

1. His mouth smells alcohol. Forget the tongues he blasts in
church, he may be a drunkard. Probe, ask questions. Don’t brush it
aside and say it doesn’t matter. You may wake up from your
honey moon to realize you married a drunkard per excellence.

2. He stares at busty women. If you are small breasted, you are
unfortunate to date this guy. He will commit adultery in marriage.
Let him go and pray for a man who will love your small or medium
sized breasts IN MARRIAGE.

3. She uses different or a particular guy’s picture as her profile pix.
Probe, who are they? Her brothers? No, friends? Yes! Why use
them as her display picture? What happened to your own picture?
You are still alive for God’s sake! And handsome too. She should
get rid of those impostors or forget about you.

4. She still calls and chats with her EX, in fact, they are still the
best of “friends”. You don’t have time to compete with an EX lover.
Either she forgets about them or about you.

5. She’s very demanding. She has no sensible job or business
she’s doing and always ask for money per minute, per second.
She has no life of her own and can’t buy a single pant or bra
without asking you for money. She also asks for money for Tom
Tom, chewing gum and ice cream. Same for ladies who have
super high taste and very expensive to keep. They are liabilities
going somewhere to happen!

6. He is always smooching, romancing, kissing and having s3x
with you each time you visit him. This is a potential adulterer in the
making. A man who sees you as nothing short of a piano or s3x
robot is sick upstairs! No, he is possessed, possessed with lust!
He has no single respect or value for your person whatsoever
except your breasts and vagina. You are bigger than that baby, no
explanation, dump him.

7. He is lazy! No vision, no job, no training, no skill, no business,
no nothing but he can chat on facebook 24/7 and have s3x
whenever his urge descend on him, this guy is a disaster going
some where to happen, dump him.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?

8. He doesn’t attend any church. You are on your own if
you marry him, ON YOUR OWN!

9. She hates your mother with passionate hatred! Is your mummy
a witch? If yes, take her to MFM for deliverance. If not, that lady
deserves red card, both of you don’t belong together. If she hates
the woman that gave birth to you, then she hates you with the
same passion.

10. She is hot tempered and insults you both in private and public!
It’s your cross if you marry a woman that slaps you at every slight
provocation and won’t mind bathing you with acid or stab you to
death in the middle of the night. Men also experience domestic
violence. It is getting rampant these days. If she goes berserk with
rage over minor disagreement in courtship, get rid of that
These are red flags! Danger signs you should never joke with.
Either sit your partner down and iron out issues or quit the
relationship altogether.
No bad marriage drops from heaven or hell! Both partners saw the
danger signals but were so “in love” and ignored them.
May your eyes be opened before it is too late.

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