You should never cheat as a married woman – Ijeoma Esther Ogbuka

I know many will crucify me for mentioning ” Married woman.” I’m
unapologetic about the mention because my message this morning
is strictly for them. What love making means to the man is different from
what it means to the woman. This is not a license for married men
to cheat but something totally goes wrong spiritually when a
woman cheats on her husband. Love making for a woman is more spiritual
than physical. When a married woman cheats, there is a total
adulteration in her being. A virus gets injected into her being which
ruins the future of her marriage, causes catastrophe for her
husband and also destroys the future of her children.

Every woman is the centre of the home. When the centre could not
hold, things fall apart. When a man cheats but the wife doesn’t, the
home will be 80% safe and there will be less battles to fight, but
when the man and woman cheats. The home has no
protection or defense anymore. The entire hedge is removed and
there will not be anyone God will look at to save the home. Please,
if your husband is misbehaving, pray fervently for God to arrest
him. But for your home to be secured, don’t join him to misbehave.

Your life as a married woman is not just for you but for your
children’s future to be secured. Don’t mess up because he’s
messing up. Intercede on his behalf. I don’t know why God laid
this in my heart. If you’re a married
woman that has given up on your husband’s philandering habits
and want to seek fulfilment outside, please don’t for the sake of
your children. Every married woman is customized. Sleeping with
another man will worsen your situation.


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